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Jerusalem Bird Observatory

on Tuesday morning, Nov. 4th from 10:00 – 11:30

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory is Israel’s first urban
wildlife nature center.  Located between the Knesset and the
Supreme Court, this gem of a site acts like an island in the
center of the city and attracts millions of migrating
songbirds during the spring and fall migration.  In addition
to preserving the site for these guests, the JBO also conducts
research into bird migration and urban wildlife through bird
ringing and monitoring, surveys and other projects.
Your visit will include a guided session with the JBO’s
researchers where you will get to meet some of the birds up
close. You will then go on a short guided walk to see some of
the special habitats and learn more about urban wildlife.
After the walk, you will be invited to see a short movie and
to enjoy the art exhibition in the Gail Rubin Nature Gallery.

Call the Travel Desk Immediately 02-560-9110 and make your

NIS 36!!

Your hosts,  Shulamit and Yehoshua Neaman

Birds -Quarter