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Maale Adumim – The Ancient Pilgrimage Route and Modern City

Thursday, November 15, 8:30am-5:30pm

Sefer Yehoshua describes Maale Adumim as a border between the tribes of Yehuda & Binyamin and is the route leading from the Jordan Valley to Yerushalayim, dotted by “reddish hues” in its rock formations.

Join Shelley Brinn – resident of Maale Adumim to explore the ancient and modern city of Maale Adumim

  • Lookout at the Judean Desert & bus tour through the modern city
  • Industrial Park – hear from representatives about current & future economic development in the area
  • Meet local Beduin neighbors
  • The Good Samaritan Inn Mosaics Museum – beautiful collection of mosaic floors including from a Gazan Shul
  • Mitzpe Yericho – lookout, visit to local artist & meet a founder of the yishuv

Members: 110NIS,    NM: 125NIS

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