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From Tanach to Palmach – A new look at Mt. Gilboa and the Valley of the Springs with popular tour guide:  Gershon Reichtman   Wednesday, September 10 8:30a.m.-8:00 p.m. “Aliya la Regel vs “Aliya ba Regel”:  We begin our journey at Bedhat Esh’ Shaab where we walk in the footsteps of the tribes of Israel and visit one of the ancient Gilgalim (gathering sites established upon crossing into the Land of Canaan). “King Saul and the East Side Story”:  Travel by Go-Cart through the magnificent Valley of Springs in the Bet Shean Valley, this will include stories and time to dip your feet in one of the springs. Bring your own picnic lunch. “Renewing the Spirit of Gideon”: Easy nature walk on Mt. Gilboa with magnificent views over the Jordan and Harod Valleys. We will understand Captain Charles Orde Wingate’s vision of the first Jewish army after 2000 years and how he drew his inspiration from the battles of the Bible.   Cost:  190 (members) 200 (non-members)   Call the Travel Desk at :02-5609110


Gilboa - Half tall