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Negev: Bringing the Desert to Life

Guide Rabbi Alan Haber

Thursday, March 23, 8am-7:30pm

The Negev area of Israel is 60% of the country, is harsh and seemingly uninhabitable with little rain or water resources in the desert.

Join us to unlock its secrets and explore the life that springs from it:

  • Shivta–an ancient Nabatean city, built by the first people to cross the Negev for commercial purposes, later developing a thriving desert agriculture without modern technology
  • Ramat Negev R & D facility – modern Israeli technological miracle of desert agriculture AND cutting edge solar-electric plant, soon to be the biggest in Israel **
  • Town of Yerucham – to meet a Gar’in Torani community representative– religious people who moved to this economically-depressed development town to bring spiritual life to the desert

**This is a high security installation; each traveler needs to submit TZ/Passport #when registering.

Members: 240NIS / NM: 255NIS


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