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Join OU Israel for an inspirational night of dynamic Torah classes on Shavuot night.

Motzai shabbat June 4 -Doors open @ 10:45 pm

11:00-11:20 PM-Opening a night of Torah – Rabbi Avi Berman, Executive Director, OU Israel

11:20PM-12:00 AM- Shavuot-Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union

12:15AM-1AM- Dueling Covenants: Shaping Judaism’s Eternal Balance-Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, Past President, Rabbinical Council of America

1:15AM-2 AM-How the Sanhedrin could protect Israel from Covid but the Knesset Could not

Rabbi Ian Pear, Mara D’Atra Kehilat Shir Hadash

2:15 Am-3AM-Chag Matan Torah- HaRav meir Goldwicht, Rosh Yeshiva RIETS/Yeshiva University

3:15 AM-4 AM- Shavuot: Sinai Revisited- Rabbi Sam Shor, Program Director, OU Israel Center

Refreshments will be served throughout the night

Shavuot Night Learning is generously sponsored by Rabbi Nachman and Feiga Kahana