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Monday, April 27, 8:00PM

Raising Happy Children: Parenting in an overindulgent world

Can’t stand to see your children cry?  Do temper tantrums have you running to your local toy store?  Caring parents are concerned about their child feeling different from others or deprived. But does that mean giving in to their every desire?  How do we define a “Happy” child?  Learn how to help your children develop intocaring, self-confident, happy people who are able to handle life… even when they don’t get their way!

Given by:  Dr. Annette Berger

Annette Berger Psy.D has over 20 years experience working with children, adolescents and parents in school and in private practice.

She is known for her excellent, and very practical parenting workshops

25 NIS

For more info call- 02-5609100

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