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A Day for the Head and Heart with Lisa Aiken  9:00-17:30
First stop on our exciting tour will be the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, home to much of Israel’s scientific research and discoveries. We will have a guided tour of Chaim Weizmann’s house, situated on the beautiful, sprawling grounds, and hear about his unusual life as a biochemist, Israel’s first president, and founder of the Weizmann Institute.
Next, we’ll “speak” with scientists on the interactive videos in the visitors’ center and see a short film about the wonderful work that is done by the more than 2,000 graduate students and teachers who study and work here.
Our next adventure is at the Clore Outdoor Interactive Science Museum, where a Weizmann graduate student will show us around this unique place. We will hear explanations of a variety of fun, hands-on demonstrations and exhibits that show how physics works. (If only my high school had offered this, I might have become a scientist instead of a tour guide!)
Our last site is the Latrun Armored Tank Corps Museum and Memorial. See what a cutaway tank looks like, learn our soldiers operate tanks in battle, and be moved by the memorial to more than 5,000 Israeli “tankists” who gave their lives so that we could live here.
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