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Join us for a fascinating fun filled day with master tourguide HUGHIE AUMAN

GEDERA – Yoma’s Wicki Waki Scrap and stroll through the amazing Yoma Segev Scrap Metal and Sculpture Garden
BNEI DAROM – the Olive Oil Visitors’ Center and learn all about oil production
ASHDOD – the Philistine Exhibit at the Municipal Museum and discover a brand new high tech experience. As part of a tour of the city, we will see the Ad Halom Bridge and will learn about miracles and heroism
EIN TZURIM, a religious kibbutz, for a delicious Mehadrin meal. Tour the Bottle Tree plantation where lemons in bottles grow on trees
BARKAN WINERY – learn about production and enjoy exhilarating wine tasting
HULDA FOREST – first JNF forest; understand its role in the Independence War
250/270nis per person – Register now at the Travel Desk 560-9110
Accompanied by your favorite hosts, Shulamit & Yehoshua Neaman

Wednesday, June 25th from 8:00am to 6:30pm