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See the Good of Yerushalayim, וּרְאֵה בְּטוּב יְרוּשָׁלִָם

With Rabbi Simcha Hochbaum, resident of Hevron

This tiyul sells out very quickly and space is limited – reserve now to get your space!!

Monday, August 5, 9:30am-3:30pm – All walking tiyul in preparation for Tisha B’Av

This off the beaten walking tiyul follows the ancient custom to walk around the gates of the Temple Mount. We will see Southern Wall Excavations, Kidron Valley, Yad Avshalom, Kever Zechariah and enter the Old City via the Lions Gate

Visits to various Yeshivot in the Muslim Quarter including Shuvu Banim, Ateret Cohanim, Talmedei HaGra, davening & singing at the Kotel HaKatan and the Temple Institute to see the vessels made to the exact specifications of the Torah, ready for use in the avodah of the rebuilt Beit HaMikdash.

Please note that this tiyul is ALL walking with hills, steps and some rocky paths. It is not recommended for those who have difficulty standing and/or walking distances.

It is also recommended to bring water and wear comfortable walking shoes, clothing, sun hats and sun screen.


Members: 110NIS, NM: 125NIS


Register online or Call 02-5609110


This event is fully booked.