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Side-Splittingly Funny Evening of Laughter, Insight, and Fun!
Please join The Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem at the OU Israel Center on Wednesday, March 1st at 8pm for the long-awaited laughter workshop led by the one and only Debbie Hirsch. If you saw Debbie in the WPC smash-hit musical production of “Count the Stars” a few months ago, then you know you’re in for another treat. And if you didn’t…DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!
*(In case you didn’t get the parenthetical reference above…have no fear! “Count the Stars” DVDs will be available for purchase at this event. Watch and enjoy the spectacular singing, dancing, acting…and keep an ear out for Debbie’s one-liners.)

Looking forward to greeting (and laughing with) you…next week in Jerusalem at the Laugh Over Life workshop with Debbie Hirsch.

At the OU Israel Center, 22 Keren Hayesod

(For Women)

25 NIS