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h3>Women’s Summer Seminar 5775

Connecting to the Dynamic of Love in Every Dimension of Life


June 28-30
11-13 Tamuz
Love is more than a feeling…IT IS A MITZVAH!!  Study in depth the mitzvos of Ahava.

Join us for a 3-day seminar that will help nurture the heartstring of us all!

Fascinating shiurim (some with preparation) given

  • Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz
  • Reb. Tziporah Heller
  • Rabbi Shmuel Herschler
  • Rabbi Benji Levine
  • Mrs. Sylvie Schatz
  • Mrs. Dena Schoonmaker
  • Rabbi Shmuel Silber
  • Mrs. Shira Smiles
  • Rabbi Baruch Smith


  • Breakfast and Lunch included  


Call to reserve your place: 02-5609-110


Summer Seminar  schedule

Connecting to the Dynamic of LOVE in Every Dimension of Life


Sunday, 11 Tamuz, June 28

Appreciating Our Unique Ability to Love

9:15 Registration and Light Breakfast

9:45 The Definition and Origin of Love

Learning to Understand and Appreciate the Self

Preparation followed by shiur with Rabbi Shmuel Silber

11:30 Valuing  Your Unique Beauty as a Condition for Serving H-shem

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Developing your Ability to Fly with Your Baggage

Rabbi Baruch Smith

2:30 Tefillah as a Tool for Self Awareness

Rebbitzen Tzipora Heller


Monday, 12 Tamuz, June 29

Love is not just a Feeling…It is a Mitzvah!

9:15 Light Breakfast

9:30   Love Your Fellow Jew:  The What, Why and How of this Key Mitzvah

Preparation followed by shiur with Mrs. Shira Smiles

11:15  Mrs. Sylvie Schatz

The Taste of Others

12:15 Lunch

12:45 When Loving Thy Neighbor seems Impossible:  Halachic Discussions

Rabbi Shmuel Herschler

2:00 Communicating Love:  Fine-Tuning your Ability to Communicate so that others will Receive

Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker


Tuesday, 13 Tamuz, June 30

Putting it All Together:  Ahava as a Mission

9:15 Light Breakfast

9:30 When Love isn’t what we think it is:  The Story of Amnon and Tamar

Mrs. Shira Smiles

10:30 Reb Aryeh Levine as a Model of Integrating the Dynamic of Love in Every Dimension of his Life

Rabbi Binyomin (Benjie) Levine

11:30 The Power of Shir Hashirim:  Recognizing our Relationships with Others as a Pre-requisite for Our Relationship with H-shem.

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

12:45 Lunch

1:30 With all my Heart:  Learning to Love H-shem

Preparation followed by shiur with Rabbi Shmuel Silber



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