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A Day in the Southern Hevron

Benji Berlin our tour guide did- an excellent job of connecting the stories in tanach to the names of the yishuvim we visited.  The area is so rich with our history and he gave us a sense of how we are following in the footsteps of Yehoshua and Dovid and even Avigail.

Sussia is a gem I didn’t know that Sussia has no Biblical roots.  Its history is shrouded in mystery.  We heard from our tour guide theories to contemplate, why did the Jews settle there after churban bayit sheni?  Why did they just pick up and leave five hundred years later?  The beit knesset was awe inspiring.  The end of the day at Negahot connected all the threads.  We left with a sense of why the yishuvim are there and specifically in their exact places.  The beekeeper and the therapeutic herb manufacturer at Kedem were a great symbol of what Israelis are doing in Harei Hevron.

Written by Batya Morris


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