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Established 40 years ago OU Israel is the Orthodox Union’s branch in Israel, established in Yerushalayim as its own Israeli non-profit yet able to receive US charitable donations through OU America with 501c3 Tax Exempt Status. OU Israel’s mission is to promote the unity of the Jewish people by celebrating our shared common Jewish experience and identity as inspired by Torah Judaism/Zionism, to positively impact Israeli society, strengthen its next generation, absorb new immigrants and empower Israel’s periphery while advancing a pro-active commitment to community activism.

Meet OU Israel Staff

Rabbi Avi Berman

Executive Director, OU Israel

Laya Bejell

Development Officer

David J. Katz

Chief Financial Officer

Chaim Pelzner

Director of Programs

Rabbi Sam Shor

Program Director, Seymour J. Abrams Orthodox Union Jerusalem World Center

Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider

Editor, Torah Tidbits - Faculty Member, OU Israel

Rabbi Ezra Friedman

Director, The Gustave & Carol Jacobs Center for Kashrut Education

Sara Berelowitz

Comptroller, Human Resources

Zemira Ozarowski

Director of Community Programming and L'Ayla Women's Learning Initiative

Chana Spivak

Director of Volunteers

Shayna Bacharach

Executive Assistant

Yael Tamari

Israel Director, Israel Free Spirit/Taglit-Birthright Israel

Ita Rochel Russek

Torah Tidbits Ads, Building Management

Oren Asulin

The Zula, Director of Programming

Racheli Ninio

Education Director, Training and Development

Liat Goldberger

Oraita Programming


Seymour J. Abrams Orthodox Union
Jerusalem World Center


22 Keren Hayesod St.
Yerushalayim, Israel 9137001
POB 37015


TEL: 972 -2 560-9100
FAX: 972- 2 566-0156

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