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Best Chocolate Ice Cream with Almond Praline

First printed in Mishpacha Magazine


I first tested this recipe in the winter, when I had bochurim for Shabbos. I told them we were having a Pesach Shabbos. Their eyes opened wide, but I explained that I had a few Pesach recipes I needed feedback on now! They loved this dessert and had doubles. It’s smooth and silky and not overly sweet. If you follow the instructions carefully, yours will come out as good as mine, and you will make it all year long. It’s healthier and tastier.  And the almond crunch takes it up a notch.  Thanks HD.


1/3 cup oil

6 eggs separated

¾ cup sugar

1 Tbsp vanilla sugar

¼ cup cocoa

¼ tsp instant coffee

¼ cup boiling water


Put the 1/3 cup oil in the freezer overnight or at least for a few hours until it thickens a lot. When ready to make the ice cream, put the container you’ll store it in, in the freezer, empty.  Beat whites, gradually adding half the sugar, until stiff peaks form. At the same time (this is imp’t so whites don’t fall) put yolks, rest of sugar, and vanilla sugar in food processor and process with knife attachment until light and lemony. Meanwhile dissolve cocoa and coffee in boiling water and mix until smooth.  Let cool slightly until it thickens.

After egg yolks are thick, gradually drip frozen oil into food processor (as you would for mayonnaise) until combined. Add cocoa mixture and blend a few minutes. Pour into white mixture and gently mix just until combined. Pour into “frozen” container and return to freezer immediately.  Yield: approx. 20 servings


Almond praline:

½ cup sugar

Full ½ cup slivered almonds

Generous pinch salt


In a skillet, over a small/medium flame, heat sugar until melted and turning light golden. Add nuts and salt and stir until completely coated and nuts are beginning to toast and turn light brown. Turn onto a piece of parchment paper and let harden. Chop into small pieces. Store in the fridge/freezer until using.