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Rivka Segal Living Tehillim 122-The Song of Yerushalyim and Chag Habikurim  

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5-2 Edit  Massada unnamed

      Like all good tiyulim to Massada, this one began in the middle of the night. More than 50 sixth graders from the Begin Elementary School in Bet Shemesh arrived at their school at 2:00 a.m. on a weekday in mid-May. Each child was accompanied by a parent. The tiyul was arranged by…

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Lag B’Omer yachting trip blog

Published May 3, 2015

Miriam Esris The day was Lag B’Omer. The Israeli sunshine was too gorgeous to miss. A busload of people were on their way to Herzliya.  All were anticipating the ride on yachts upon arriving.  We were given an orientation so we knew what to expect.  Finally the time arrived to board the yachts.  This was…

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Ethiopian Israelis: The Dark Secret

Published May 4, 2015
New Demon F150503TN001

by Zvi Volk       Photos by Yaron Brenner, Ynet, May 4, 2015   A single event in Israel last week captured headlines which led to a demonstration outside the National Police Headquarters in Jerusalem on Thursday April 30, and then a major demonstration in Tel Aviv on Sunday May 3 that turned violent….

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Women’s Summer Seminar 5775 Connecting to the Dynamics of Love in Every Dimension of Life   Sunday-Tuesday June 28-30 11-13 Tamuz Love is more than a feeling…IT IS A MITZVAH!!  Study in depth the mitzvos of Ahava. Join us for a 3-day seminar that will help nurture the heartstring of us all! Fascinating shiurim given…

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