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The OU Israel Center is excited to share the launch of :JCHAT   JCHAT (the Jerusalem Community Hub for Anglos and Torah) is the OU Israel Center’s new young Anglo professionals community providing Chizuk, Shiurim, social events and rabbinic mentorship and guidance. We are focused on building and growing this community to be a vital community…

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By : Sharon Katz STEPPING BACK IN TIME “Hop on that camel!!,” I told a twittering cast member. “What, me?” “Yes. And welcome to the Avraham’s caravan!” When you create a show based on history, you research it in every way you can. Then you forward to your cast stories about the characters involved. You…

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Sukkot at the OU Israel Center

Published October 6, 2014

THE OU ISRAEL CENTER WISHES ALL OF AM YISRAEL חג שמח  PLEASE NOTE: You can purchase Arba’ah Minim for Sukkot at the Israel Center on Monday and Tuesday, October 6-7. Proceeds support OU Israel programming. Candlelighting Erev Sukkot in Jerusalem: 5:40 PM Wednesday October 8 Motzaei Hag: 6:51 PM Thursday October 9 Shabbat Chol Hamoed…

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A trauma intervention team recently visited towns in southern Israel that are constantly being shelled. They made a shocking discovery: The students in schools in these towns had never participated in any crisis intervention programs.

OU Israel with the support of the OU Israel Emergency Fund began holding workshops in these towns.

This is the first report based on post-trauma intervention workshops held in Sderot, Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh on July 16 and 20.

The next report will discuss workshops in Netivot.

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On Monday night June 30, OU Israel hosted a dinner to honor its teachers. Their efforts enable the OU Israel Center to offer 70-80 courses, shiurim and lectures in English every week.

“It’s a privilege to stand before you, the giants of Jewish education,” Rabbi Avi Berman, Executive Director of OU Israel, told the gathering.

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Support for the soldiers involved in Operation Brother’s Keeper is coming in from all over Israel and around the world. A significant grant earmarked for soldiers serving in the Hevron area was made by the OU in New York.

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Leil Shavuot Shiurim at the OU Israel Center, Tuesday night June 3 – Wednesday June 4

An exciting rundown of thought-provoking shiurim all night long.

Join us for dinner. Call 02-560-9125 for reservations.

All shiurim are in English.

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