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12 January

The Exodus and the exodus

The Exodus and the exodus Parshat Beshallach. The Egyptian Empire is destroyed and millions of Jews cross the Red Sea to freedom. On Shabbat Parshat Beshallach more than 3,000 years later (the exact date, December 26, 1991), the Soviet Empire is destroyed and over the course of three decades, millions of...
3 August

Anglo Olim Survey 2020

OU Israel is conducting a survey of Anglo Olim of all ages from across Israel. The results of this survey will enable OU Israel to help future & current Olim acclimate and thrive in their new environment. Please click on the image below to participate in this brief survey:
27 November

OU Israel Pesach Program 2020

OU Israel and Tour Plus bring you your Pesach Dream at the David Resort & Spa, located in the Dead Sea, Israel. Highlights include: Top-quality OU glatt mehadrin gourmet cuisine that's non-kitniyot and non-gebrocht Full board - Shabbat and Chag option Half board + afternoon sweet table - Chol HaMoed ...