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Celebrating Chanuka OU Israel Style

OU Israel marked the 7th day of Chaunka with a truly unique Chanuka celebration. OU Israel staff sat alongside family and friends to commemorate not only the Chag but also the incredible accomplishments that the OU Israel staff achieve on a daily basis.  12341643_1184025654945648_8524774878437173115_n


Audience members were first treated to a special performance by Tuvia Rosenfeld of Israel’s famous kids classic “Assi and Tuvia”. Laughter and cheering filled the audience as part of the interactive, entertaining and educational performance. Later parents and children alike joined in song and dance when singer Udi Davidi took the stage for an upbeat and spiritual concert.


The unique highlight of the day, however, took place between the two main performances when OU Israel’s Zula Band took the stage. The Pearl & Harold Jacobs Outreach Zula Center  located in downtown Jerusalem, provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for at-risk youth and young adults, many of whom have turned to alcohol, drugs and crime to deal with personal crises and struggles.


The Zula staff works to help teens deal with these challenges by providing them with a warm and safe environment. “Instruments are us76f6bcff-2263-4c26-9d8d-1f47b9413d0aed as a stress relief tool and create a spiritual atmosphere that helps the teens to reach positive emotions of hope, vision, love and trust,” said Rabbi Avi Berman, OU Israel Executive Director.  This was a truly unique opportunity for OU Israel staff and family to experience the magic that is The Zula.


The Zula works throughout the year to light up the lives of Israeli youth, much like we light the Chanuka candles each year, reminding everyone that we should always strive to bring a little more light into the world.


In addition, Deputy Mayor of 12391247_1184025708278976_5554503667078119537_nJerusalem Dov Kalmanovich, Director of Moreshet Israel Mr. Yehudah Naftali, and Municipality of Jerusalem Council Member Mr. Aryeh King spoke, thanking the staff for their tireless work on behalf of Klal Yisrael.