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This document was compiled by Sara Feinberg, ATR-BC, LCAT Licensed and Board Certified Art Therapist and Zimra Garfinkel, OU Israel Center Community Programming to help English-speaking families in Israel during this challenging time of war. 

Emotional Wheel
Find the Emotional Wheel PDF below or create your own with different emotions. Fill in the emotions with pictures/faces/colors  that make you feel that feeling. Get creative!

Where Do I Feel It?
This activity helps kids locate the emotions in their body. Choose different colors for each emotion and color it in in the outline below. You can also trace your child’s body if you have a large poster or a safe place to use chalk!

Worry Monster Box!
Feed your worries to your very own worry monster.

Materials Needed:
Tissue box ( You can use a jar, envelope, plastic bag etc)
Paint, or markers or even colored paper to cover the box.
Any art materials you find in the house to decorate the box.
Such as pipe cleaners, stickers, googly eyes, pom poms etc.

Make sure you don’t cover up the opening on the box so you slip your worry notes inside. After it’s ready, write down your worries and feed them to the monster. You can do this anytime a worry pops up or set aside a time before bedtime to feed the monster.

Gratitude Jar
Find a jar and some ribbon. Color in this free printable “thankful for” page, or create your own! Punch a hole in the page and tie it to a jar with ribbon or glue it on the jar.  Fill it daily with gratitude slips! 

Children’s Books Created Specifically for the War in Israel:

Michal Asks Ima About Sirens.pdf 

Written By: Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick

Michal Asks Ima About Soldiers, A Book for Kids with a Parent In the Army.pdf

By: Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick

Reviewed for hashkafic accuracy: R’ Yitzchak Jaeger

There is a War in Israel.pdf

adapted from Leah Kaufman & Bat Chen Berl by Nellie Harris & Jen Vegh

 Something Happened.pdf

Written by Suri Nowosiolski, LCSW, MSpEd. & Bracha Henna Nowosiolski

Shana and Ezra’s Coping Toolkit. Written by Suri Nowosiolski, LCSW, MSpEd. & Bracha Henna Nowosiolski

Resources for Parents:

What Do You Say When There Are No Words? Age-appropriate explanations for conversations with children about the war

Parent Quick-Guide for Helping Children During the War

By: Dr. Chaya Lieba Kobernick, Mrs. Bina Westrich, MA & Mrs. Nechama Quinn, MSW

Article by Sara Feinberg on how to speak to your children about rockets

Other Helpful Links:
A great website to look around and get inspiration from, some things are free as well. 

Free comic book drawing classes ages 6+