OU Israel is dedicated to strengthening Jewish Identity, Torah values, and developing a proactive commitment to Jewish continuity in Israeli society. Over the last 35 years, OU Israel has evolved into a thriving organization as a source of social and educational services and programs for adults and adolescents throughout Israel.

Seymour J. Abrams Jerusalem World Center (The Israel Center) located in the heart of Yerushalayim providing a warm, embracing environment, spiritual inspiration, and a familiar social framework for over 60,000 people annually.

Makom Balev is a youth movement for 1,800 disadvantaged adolescents, many from immigrant families. Working with students’ schools and teachers, Makom Balev offers Israeli youth fun, enriching activities that enhance their Jewish heritage and values.

The Jack E. Gindi Oraita clubs are designed to a be a sanctuary from the violent street culture in 10 Israeli cities and towns, providing teens with a safe hangout and a study hall for Jewish values.

The Pearl & Harold Jacobs Outreach Zula drop-in center in downtown Yerushalayim, addresses the needs of Israeli teenagers of which many have strayed from normative Judaism, high school, and family life sometimes to the streets. Offering a warm atmosphere and therapeutic activities, the Zula enables participants to feel accepted, explore spirituality and music, and examine their feelings in an open, non-judgmental and loving environment.

Mashiv HaRuach – OU Israel’s Soldiers Program In cooperation with the IDF, Mashiv HaRuach implements experience-based programs to inspire and reacquaint soldiers with Israel’s history and Biblical heritage. The program gives soldiers the opportunity to learn, discover and reconnect with the values of the Israel Defense Forces. Through meditation, archaeology, Torah learning and interactive workshops, the Mashiv HaRuach inspires 15,000 soldiers each year as they develop a new connection to the land that they protect.