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Once the Jewish community of Spain led the world in Torah learning, finance, poetry, diplomacy, and grace. Then a blackness of terror and torture spread throughout Spain. The Spanish Inquisition. Literally, overnight just as Christopher Columbus sailed on to the New World, the old world of Spanish Jewry was destroyed. You can help us bring the courageous story of Spain’s secret Jews to the stage. Your donation can introduce the glory of our people’s Sephardi heritage to a new generation.

Your assistance will enable the Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem and OU Israel to present “HIDDEN – The Secret Jews of Spain” IY”H on the Jerusalem stage in November 2018. An epic musical of our people that will dazzle the eyes and reach the deepest levels of the soul. Join us as we bring to life a story that will touch the hearts of every Jew, even as it shakes the heavens.

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