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Thirty young professional olim joined JCHAT- The Jerusalem Community Hub for Anglos and Torah- OU Israel’s young professional community for a special Tu B’Av visit to Ella Valley Winery.

Upon arrival to the Winery’s beautiful visitors’ center, Rabbi Sam Shor shared an inspirational text based class- “The Power of Love.” Following the class, the group went on a short walk to the vineyards, picked grapes, then returned to the visitors’ center and had the opportunity to perform the mitzva of separating terumot and maaserot .

The morning concluded with the opportunity to sample the many delicious wines offered by Ella Valley Vineyards under the kashrut supervision of the OU.

JCHAT continues to provide inspiration, support and a sense of community for many young professional olim as they begin to build their lives in Medinat Yisrael.