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Miriam Esris

The day was Lag B’Omer. The Israeli sunshine was too gorgeous to miss. A busload of people were on their way to Herzliya.  All were anticipating the ride on yachts upon arriving.  We were given an orientation so we knew what to expect.  Finally the time arrived to board the yachts.  This was a good time to get to know one another as the ride on the Mediterranean was to last for two hours.  Sailing on the yam was such a magnificent opportunity to see the wondrous coast line of our beautiful country.  The huge structures we saw attested to the great country we are privileged to live in.  What a success story we are!!

After the ride, we were treated to a scrumptious meal at a local café.
Thank you to the OU Center for planning such a trip.  Certainly a good time was had by all.
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