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The L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh learning seminar take place on a monthly basis and consists of a morning of learning about the upcoming month or a related theme. Each month or theme is addressed from a halachic, hashkafic, Tanach, and personal perspective from a wide range of top speakers. Hundreds of women of all ages and backgrounds come from around Israel (from as far as Arad, Beer Sheva, or Haifa) for a boost of inspiration for the month. Free brunch and babysitting are offered, making the program accessible to all. During COVID-19, we continued to run this program via zoom.

Nisan 5784
Welcome and Introduction Zemira Ozarowski
Haggadah Highlights Shira Smiles
Practical Pesach Kashrut Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski
Seder Night: Soar Like an Eagle Rabbi Aba Wagensberg
Personal Story of Redemption & Connection to Hashem Michali Kaplan
Tevet 5784
Beauty in Pain: Tefillah During Challenging Times Rabbi Menachem Nissel
How to Pray in Times of Trouble Pearl Borow
Connecting to the Creator: תפילה בעת צרה Leah Feinberg
Elul 5783
את לבבך ואת לבב A Teshuva-Based Elul Approach Ariela Davis
הוא עשנו ולא/ולו אנחנו: Say No to Low Rabbi Aba Wagensberg
אני לדודי ודודי לי: My Father, My King Rachel Rudman
אנא לידו ושמתי לך: Elul - Sanctuary in Time Zemira Ozarowski
Tammuz 5783
Pursuing Peace Shira Smiles
Humanity, Unity, and Connection to the Infinite Ilana Cowland
A Personal Story of Jewish Unity Rabbi Leo Dee
The Person Sitting Next to You: Tips for Creating Connection and Achdut Chana Silver
Sivan 5783
The Top 10: A Look at the Aseret HaDibrot Zemira Ozarowski
כיבוד אב ואם: The Ageless Mitzvah of Respecting Parents and a Tribute to Our Mother, Mrs. Linda Pruwer-Brachfeld Ayala Hart
Lo Tachmod: The Prohibition of Jealousy - Parameters, Preventatives, and Prescriptions Sara Leah Haber
Anochi Hashem: Let's Talk Emunah Rabbi David Aaron
Lo Tirtzach: End of Life Issues Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz
Iyar 5783
Am Yisrael: Through Tanach and Beyond Pearl Borow
Eretz Yisrael: להיות עם חפשי בארצינו Rachelle Fraenkel
Torat Yisrael: The Primacy of Torat Eretz Yisrael over Torat Chutz La'aretz Rabbi Moshe Lichtman
Personal Stories of Inspiration and Connection to the Land, the People, and the Torah Goldie Warhaftig
Nisan 5783
Haggadah Workshop: Ha Lachma Anya, Mah Nishtana, and Avadim Hayinu Yael Dworkin
Haggadah Workshop: The 4 Sons, Yachol Me'Rosh Chodesh Rabbi Ari Kahn
Haggadah Workshop: The Sages in Bnei Brak and Baruch Hamakom Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider
Haggadah Workshop: Arami Oved Avi Rabbi Baruch Taub
Haggadah Workshop: The 10 Makkot and the Extra Makkot Calculations Rabbi Ezra Friedman
Haggadah Workshop: Dayenu Sylvie Schatz
Haggadah Workshop: Pesach, Matza, and Marror and B'Chol Dor vaDor Rabbi Sam Shor
Prioritizing Pesach Minhagim and Chumrot: When Shouldn't We Be So Stringent Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski
Adar 5783
Copious Contributions Shira Smiles
Halachic Applications of Mishloach Manot and Matanot L'Evyonim Rabbi Eli Ozarowski
Purim Overflow: Lessons in Giving Hyndi Mendelowitz
Kindness Boomerang Orly Wahaba
Shevat 5783
Tools for Success in Chinuch Rabbi Dan Tiomkin
The Shevet in Shevat: Nurturing their Nature Elana Mizrahi
My Personal Parenting Journey Chana Jenny Weisberg
Tevet 5783
Towards Meaningful Tefilla: Looking at the Words of the Shema Zemira Ozarowski
An Analysis of Kriyat Shema Rabbi Yaakov Haber
Shema in Parshat Vayigash Shira Smiles
Kislev 5783
A Deeper Look at the Miracles of Chanukah Yaffa Moskowitz
בימים ההם בזמן הזה: Seeing the Miracles in Our Own Lives Rabbi Hanoch Teller
A Miracle Next Door: A Personal Story Yona Yakobovitz
Miracles in Halacha and Hashkafa Rav Azarya Berzon
Marcheshvan 5783
The Pillars of the Jewish Home: Challah, Niddah, and Hadlakat Nerot Laurie Novick
Out of the Darkness: Shabbat Candle Lighting Raquel Kirszenbaum Didio
The Beauty of Taharat Hamishpacha Shani Taragin
Elul 5782
Deepening Your Relationship with Yourself, Hashem, and Your Significant Other Aleeza Ben-Shalom
Personality Differences and the Secret of Communication Chana Levitan
An Elul Cheshbon HaNefesh for Our Marriages and Relationships Dina Schoonmaker
Av 5782
Living Directly Across from the Makom HaMikdash Tziporah Piltz
Mashiach: What's it Like? Rabbi Menachem Nissel
The Beit HaMikdash: Yearning for an Unfamiliar Reality Goldie Warhaftig
Tisha B'Av: Why are we Crying over Spilled Milk? Miriam Brodersen
Tammuz 5782
Gemilut Chasadim: Loving Your Fellow Jew Rebbitzin Tziporah Heller
Lessons Learned from my Mother, Rebbetzin Henny Machlis Elisheva Rosenthal
Bikur Cholim: The Art of Meeting People Where They're at Aliza Pilichowski
My Experience as a Member of the Chevra Kadisha Chana Spivak
Assisting Brides in Need (Gush Katif Bridal Gmach) Lisa Goldenhersh
Sivan 5782
From Life in Iran to Seminary in Jerusalem Yael Sarah Yakobov
Torat Chesed Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Dovid HaMelech's Dogma Shira Smiles
Iyar 5782
Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5782 Introduction Zemira Ozarowski
Every Day Counts: Halachic and Hashkafic Insights into Sefirat HaOmer Rabbi Azarya Berzon
Understanding the Aveilut of Sefirat HaOmer Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz
Personalize Your Sefirah Rochel Silber
Learning to Appreciate Every Moment Beryl Tritel
Nisan 5782
Shir Hashirim: Revisiting Redemption Shani Taragin
The Night that Unites: The Seder's Unique Learning and Teaching Experience Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider
From Mitzrayim to the Ukraine: The Eternal Faith of the Jewish Women Miriam Moskovitz, Chabad Shlucha to Kharkov
Practical Pesach Kashrut Guide Rabbi Yissachar Dov Krakowski
Adar II 5782
Arurah Zeresh: The Role of Haman's Wife and Family Dafna Siegman
Step Into Your Royalty: Learning from Esther how to Transform Relationships Chana Deutsch
Bigtan and Teresh: The Baker, the Butler, Trees and Treason Shani Taragin
Adar I 5782
Gateway to Happiness Rabbi Zelig Pliskin
Simcha in Halacha Rabbi Eli Ozarowski
My Personal Simcha Journey Sue Koltai
Dimensions of Happiness Shira Smiles
Shevat 5782
Mitzvot HaTeluyot Ba'aretz: What, Why, and the Wonderful Opportunity Adina Ellis
Hands-on Terumot and Maasrot Workshop Shoshan Raiz
Tevet 5782
Kavanah in Our Shemoneh Esrei Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
The Tefillah Challenge and the Shemoneh Esrei Response Rabbi Binyamin Zimmerman
My Personal Tefilah Journey Chani Newman
In-Depth Workshop on the Brachot of Shmoneh Esrei OU Israel
Kislev 5782
אף הן היו באותו הנס: Nisim, Nerot, and the Nature of Mitzvot Shani Taragin
Heroism Then and Now: Mirroring the Miracles of Mitzrayim Leah Feinberg
Yehudit: The Heroine of Chanukah Yael Dworkin
Introduction Zemira Ozarowski
Marcheshvan 5782
My Personal Connection to Shemittah Abby Sapir
Shemittah: Cents, Sense, and Sensitivity Shani Taragin
Practical Hilchot Shemitta in the Kitchen Rav Ezra Friedman
Practical Hilchot Shemitah in the Garden Rabbi Moshe Bloom
Elul 5781
Redemptive Realization Shira Smiles
Unity: Genesis and the Path to a Unified Marriage Ilana Cowland
Appreciation: A Building Block of Connection Sara Lanner
Av 5781
Tisha B'Av and Aveilut: The Difference Between Public and Private Mourning Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz
The Torah's Psychological Wisdom on Grief and Mourning Rabbi Dr. Ethan Eisen
The Do's and Don'ts of Making a Shiva Call: Personal Insights from a Pastoral Counselor Aliza Pilichowski
Eicha, Kinot, and the Psychology of Mourning Rabbi Alan Haber
Tamuz 5781
Welcome and Introduction Zemira Ozarowski
Ahavat Chinam: If Not Now, When? Dina Schoonmaker
Life is for Sharing: Why I Became a Kidney Donor Sari Holtz
Get In Their Heads: Understanding Others Rabbi Dovid Ostroff
Love and Rejection: Exploring the Halachic Boundaries of Ahavat/Sinat Chinam Rabbi Anthony Manning
Sivan 5781
Shavuot: Re-experiencing Matan Torah Zemira Ozarowski
Shavuot: Produce, Preparation, and Process Shira Smiles
Tribute to Mrs. Linda Pruwer-Brachfeld by family members and friends Brachfeld Family
Megilat Rut: Mother of Royalty Rav Meir Goldwicht
Matan Torah: Back to Gan Eden Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Iyar 5781
Yerushalayim: The Jewish Home Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Ascents and Descents: David Hamelech Preparing for the Beit HaMikdash Laurie Novick
Eternal Yerushalayim Pearl Borow
Nissan 5781
Redemption from Zoom Bondage to In-Person Gatherings Zemira Ozarowski
Unlocking the Haggadah: A Guided Journey Through the Seder Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
My Journey to Freedom: A Personal Account Hadassah Cowland Goldberg
Guide to Cleaning and Kashering Your Kitchen for Pesach Rabbi Ezra Friedman
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Snow White and the Seder Plate Shani Taragin
Adar 5781
World Mask Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz
Getting Behind the Mask: An Adar and Esther Reflection on COVID-19 Yael Gelernter
From Safety to Salvation: Purim Behind the Mask Rabbi Sam Shor
Shevat 5781
One Hundred Times a Day Rabbi Aba Wagensberg
Not by Bread Alone: Spiritual Sustenance from our Blessings on Food Sarina Novick
Hilchot Brachot Rabbi Eliezer Lerner
My Miraculous Brachot Journey Chaya Sara Rabinowitz
Tevet 5781
מעשה אמהות סימן לבנות: In the Footsteps of our Imahot Shani Taragin
Chayei Sarah: The Life of a Jewish Woman Chana Deutsch
Rivkah: Like A Rose Amongst Thorns Sylvie Schatz
Rachel and Leah: Torah and Tefillah Yael Dworkin
Kislev 5781
Chanukah: Yosef and Yavan Shira Smiles
מי לה' אלי: A Clash of Cultures Among Brothers Rivi Frankel
From the Front Lines of Assimilation: Yavan, Charleston, and Chanukah's Message Ariela Davis
MarCheshvan 5781
Introduction: Chodesh Marcheshvan Zemira Ozarowski
Cheshvan: Chesed from Shamayim Pearl Borow
Is Chesed Always Good? Avraham, Yishmael, and the Chumash Origins of Chesed Rabbi Robby Charnoff
Chesed When we are not in Crises: A New Twist Estee Yarmish
The Many Components of Chesed: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Dina Schoonmaker
Elul 5780
Creating our own Rosh Hashanah Experience Zemira Ozarowksi
Rosh Hashana Machzor Workshop Shoshana Nissenbaum-Pool
My Personal Teshuva Story Devorah Sisso
The Key to Our Rosh Hashana Tefilot Being Accepted with Love and Happiness Rav Meir Goldwicht
Virtual Shofar Factory Tour Rabbi Daniel Rosenthal

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