The L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh learning seminar take place on a monthly basis and consists of a morning of learning about the upcoming month or a related theme. Each month or theme is addressed from a halachic, hashkafic, Tanach, and personal perspective from a wide range of top speakers. Hundreds of women of all ages and backgrounds come from around Israel (from as far as Arad, Beer Sheva, or Haifa) for a boost of inspiration for the month. Free brunch and babysitting are offered, making the program accessible to all. During COVID-19, we have continued to run this program via zoom.

Marcheshvan 5782
My Personal Connection to Shemittah Abby Sapir
Shemittah: Cents, Sense, and Sensitivity Shani Taragin
Practical Hilchot Shemitta in the Kitchen Rav Ezra Friedman
Practical Hilchot Shemitah in the Garden Rabbi Moshe Bloom
Elul 5781
Redemptive Realization Shira Smiles
Unity: Genesis and the Path to a Unified Marriage Ilana Cowland
Appreciation: A Building Block of Connection Sara Lanner
Av 5781
Tisha B'Av and Aveilut: The Difference Between Public and Private Mourning Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Breitowitz
The Torah's Psychological Wisdom on Grief and Mourning Rabbi Dr. Ethan Eisen
The Do's and Don'ts of Making a Shiva Call: Personal Insights from a Pastoral Counselor Aliza Pilichowski
Eicha, Kinot, and the Psychology of Mourning Rabbi Alan Haber
Tamuz 5781
Welcome and Introduction Zemira Ozarowski
Ahavat Chinam: If Not Now, When? Dina Schoonmaker
Life is for Sharing: Why I Became a Kidney Donor Sari Holtz
Get In Their Heads: Understanding Others Rabbi Dovid Ostroff
Love and Rejection: Exploring the Halachic Boundaries of Ahavat/Sinat Chinam Rabbi Anthony Manning
Sivan 5781
Shavuot: Re-experiencing Matan Torah Zemira Ozarowski
Shavuot: Produce, Preparation, and Process Shira Smiles
Tribute to Mrs. Linda Pruwer-Brachfeld by family members and friends Brachfeld Family
Megilat Rut: Mother of Royalty Rav Meir Goldwicht
Matan Torah: Back to Gan Eden Rabbi Menachem Nissel
Iyar 5781
Yerushalayim: The Jewish Home Rabbi Yisrael Cohn
Ascents and Descents: David Hamelech Preparing for the Beit HaMikdash Laurie Novick
Eternal Yerushalayim Pearl Borow
Nissan 5781
Redemption from Zoom Bondage to In-Person Gatherings Zemira Ozarowski
Unlocking the Haggadah: A Guided Journey Through the Seder Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
My Journey to Freedom: A Personal Account Hadassah Cowland Goldberg
Guide to Cleaning and Kashering Your Kitchen for Pesach Rabbi Ezra Friedman
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Snow White and the Seder Plate Shani Taragin
Adar 5781
World Mask Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz
Getting Behind the Mask: An Adar and Esther Reflection on COVID-19 Yael Gelernter
From Safety to Salvation: Purim Behind the Mask Rabbi Sam Shor
Shevat 5781
One Hundred Times a Day Rabbi Aba Wagensberg
Not by Bread Alone: Spiritual Sustenance from our Blessings on Food Sarina Novick
Hilchot Brachot Rabbi Eliezer Lerner
My Miraculous Brachot Journey Chaya Sara Rabinowitz
Tevet 5781
מעשה אמהות סימן לבנות: In the Footsteps of our Imahot Shani Taragin
Chayei Sarah: The Life of a Jewish Woman Chana Deutch
Rivkah: Like A Rose Amongst Thorns Sylvie Schatz
Rachel and Leah: Torah and Tefillah Yael Dworkin
Kislev 5781
Chanukah: Yosef and Yavan Shira Smiles
מי לה' אלי: A Clash of Cultures Among Brothers Rivi Frankel
From the Front Lines of Assimilation: Yavan, Charleston, and Chanukah's Message Ariela Davis
MarCheshvan 5781
Introduction: Chodesh Marcheshvan Zemira Ozarowski
Cheshvan: Chesed from Shamayim Pearl Borow
Is Chesed Always Good? Avraham, Yishmael, and the Chumash Origins of Chesed Rabbi Robby Charnoff
Chesed When we are not in Crises: A New Twist Estee Yarmish
The Many Components of Chesed: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Dina Schoonmaker
Elul 5780
Creating our own Rosh Hashanah Experience Zemira Ozarowksi
Rosh Hashana Machzor Workshop Shoshana Nissenbaum-Pool
My Personal Teshuva Story Devorah Sisso
The Key to Our Rosh Hashana Tefilot Being Accepted with Love and Happiness Rav Meir Goldwicht
Virtual Shofar Factory Tour Rabbi Daniel Rosenthal