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The 5 Megilot
איוב או אויב: Iyov or Oyev? Yael Dworkin
Who is the Satan in Iyov and Elsewhere in Tanach? Pearl Borow
The Connection Between Iyov and Rosh Hashana Dr. Chana Tannenbaum
Iyov, Avraham, and the Satan: The Nature of Nisayon Shani Taragin
The Final Word: Eshet Chayil Yael Dworkin
The Fringe Benefits of a Life of Chochma Yael Gelernter
Insights into Sefer Mishlei Dr. Chana Tannenbaum
The Internal Life and Times of Dovid HaMelech Yael Dworkin
The Paradigm of Constant Connection: A Text-Based Exploration of Tehillim Sara Malka Reichman
Sefer Tehillim: Structure and Significance Chana Deutsch
From Yishayahu to Chizkiyahu: What Changed? The Divine Message to the First Jews in Exile Yael Dworkin
Yechezkel and the Challenge of Contemporary Culture Abby Lerner
The Heavenly Vision of an Earthly Man Leah Feinberg
Yechezkel's Uniqueness as an Experiential Navi Leah Falik
Themes and Messages in Sefer Yeshayahu Leah Feinberg
The New UN Headquartered in Yerushalayim: The Theme of Mashiach in Sefer Yeshayahu Yael Dworkin
Trial by Fire: Yeshayahu and Moshe Rabbeinu Elisheva Shmidman
Shiva D'Nechemta: The 7 Haftarahs of Consolation in Sefer Yeshayahu Sara Malka Reichman
The Puzzling Personality of Achav ben Omri Atara Starr
Chizkiyahu and Yoshiyahu: Reform and Redemption Shani Taragin
The Evolution of Nevuah Through Sefer Melachim Esther Wachsstock
Confrontation and Character: David and his Wives Leah Feinberg
The Themes and Messages of Sefer Shmuel Sara Malka Reichman
Chana and the Power of Tefillah Zemira Ozarowski
Mapping out the Book Judges: A Shofet from Every Shevet Adina Ellis
Judging the Judges: A Prelude to Monarchy Leah Feinberg
The "Less-Known" Shoftim: When Less is More Shani Taragin
The Prophecy of Devorah, The Bravery of Yael and the Wailing of Sisera's Mother: A Tale of 3 Biblical Women Michal Horowitz
Sefer Yehoshua: Transitioning to Regular Life Zemira Ozarowski
Chazak V'Amatz: Lessons in Resilience from Yehoshua Abby Lerner
שמש בגבעון דום: The Nature of a Miracle Sara Leah Haber
Yehoshua's Leadership: An Analysis of the end of Sefer Yehoshua Leah Feinberg