Torah and Tarbut programs are events that combine Torah and the arts, allowing women to use their creative expression in Avodat Hashem. OU Israel L’Ayla is the proud partner of the Women’s Performance Community of Jerusalem, a platform for women to express and showcase their talents. WPCJ runs bi-monthly events at the OU Israel center as well as full-scale productions. The Dorot Inter-generational choir connects women of all ages in song, with weekly practice sessions at the OU Israel center. Pre-holiday “Food for Thought” cooking and Torah workshops are very popular programs. In the past, we have also run writing seminars and Torah & Art workshops.

Videos from Past Events

Elul 5783
Tammuz 5783
Sivan 5783
Iyar 5783
Nisan 5783
Adar 5783
Shevat 5783
Tevet 5783
Kislev 5783
Marcheshvan 5783
Elul 5782
Av 5782
Tammuz 5782
Sivan 5782
Iyar 5782
Nisan 5782
Adar II 5782
Adar I 5782
Shevat 5782
Tevet 5782
Kislev 5782
Marcheshvan 5782
Elul 5781
Av 5781
Tamuz 5781
Sivan 5781
Iyar 5781
Nissan 5781
Adar 5781
Shevat 5781
Tevet 5781
Kislev 5781
MarCheshvan 5781
Elul 5780

Upcoming Events