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At L’Ayla, we offer periodic “women-only” trips. The goal of these trips is not only to see Israel, but to really inspire us as women. Each year, we visit Kever Rachel on the yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu. We daven there, tour the compound, and hear shiurim about Rachel Imeinu. Other examples of our L’Ayla tiyulim are a Pre-Rosh Hashana tiyul to Kever Shmuel, in which we went on a tour of the area, davened, heard a shiur about Chana and Shmuel (the haftora for Rosh Hashana), had a kumsitz, and visited Rebbetzin Sara Finkel, the mother of Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel z”l (Rosh Yeshiva of the Mir) who spoke about her son and gave us some words of chizuk and bracha for the upcoming year.
Another really special trip was last year’s Siyur Selichot in which we had the opportunity to experience the special atmosphere of the thousands of people coming from around Israel to say selichot. We heard an inspirational personal story by Batya Burd-Oved and prepared for selichot with Chana Deutsch (both residents of the Old City), and then joined Midreshet Harova for a meaningful kumistz and selichot.

This program is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.