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Oraita Dimona on TV. Channel 10 TV news showcased the work Oraita is doing in the south. A news crew and the mayor visited Oraita Dimona on July 10. They asked the madrichim about Oraita activities during Operation Zuk Eitan/Protective Edge.

The activities on July 10 started at 5:00 p.m. with about 60 children and teenagers. There were four stations designed with something for everyone: creativity, chocolate, soccer and musical chairs.

About 8:00 p.m. there was a siren followed by very loud explosions nearby. Everyone went inside immediate and continued the activities. At Oraita Dimona the show must go on.

Because the moadon is in a shelter, whenever there are sirens, the entire neighborhood shows up. And because it’s air conditioned, some of the neighbors spend the night. Oraita Dimona is glad to open its doors to everyone in need.

One of the Oraita teens has a broken leg. Every time there is a siren, volunteers from the moadon help him get to safety – even if they have to carry him.

Oraita Dimona is also functioning as a community center. Children from the neighborhood know they can come to Oraita where there are board games and other activities to help them pass the time.

The girls from Oraita Dimona are also helping each other through this difficult time. Together with the madrichim, they made pancakes on July 10. A great way to reduce tension.

Oraita Ofakim: Talent Evening, Communications Center. A special talent evening attracted a big crowd. Among the hits were karaoke, group singing and a variety of other performances. Special games were available for both children and teenagers. As long as there is a chance of sirens, Oraita Ofakim teens help the neighborhood by hosting kids of all ages.

A communications center/war room has been set up by Vadim Shaulof, director of Oraita Ofakim. The center coordinates the need for volunteers in the south.

Makom BaLev: Teen-to-Teen Campaign to Help Residents of the South

Makom BaLev teens from branches all over the country are opening their hearts and reaching out to their friends in the south. The idea is to support each other in these difficult times. While IDF soldiers are receiving emergency call up notices, Makom BaLev teens are doing their part for Klal Yisrael.

The girls of Makom BaLev Ma’ale Adumim (outside of Jerusalem) are taking the names of soldiers and davening for them and for the success of Operation Zuk Eitan.

Meanwhile in the south . . .

Makom BaLev Sderot has been busy all week. They are talking to teens individually and in small groups – as well as visiting people in their homes as necessary. All of the local Makom BaLev teens are in constant touch by phone. During the week they held four different meetings: one in the home of a madrich and three in homes of the teens.

Makom BaLev Kiryat Malachi and Kiryat Gat are also staying in touch by phone as well as holding private and group discussions for whoever needs to talk. Either at the moadon or at home.

Oraita and Makom BaLev teens from all over Israel are reaching out to anyone who needs help. Their activities are an affirmation of their belief in Achdut (Unity) Yisrael as well as Ahavat (Love of) Yisrael.