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OU Israel Hosts Mega 70th Yom HaAtzmaut Celebration in Yerushalayim

More than 2,000 people gathered last Wednesday evening at the Tachona Rishona – First Station to celebrate 70 years of Medinat Yisrael, through tefilla, song and dance.

Recognizing the significance of this incredible day and milestone, and the role the OU Israel Center plays in the spiritual and communal life of Anglo Olim in particular, we selected a prime venue in the heart of Yerushalayim for an incredibly moving musical davening led by Rabbi Shlomo Katz.
From the time Rav Shlomo took the stage until we concluded with Ani Maamin nearly two and a half hours later, the excitement, ruach (spirit) and achdut (unity) experienced by all in attendance was simply incredible!

OU Israel Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman said that “We stand here united to say a huge thank you to our Father in Heaven who gave us a state with an army, with infrastructure, with a strong economy and a wonderful, amazing & exciting nation. We celebrate  Independence Day each year, to  praise and show our gratitude for the  amazing miracle of Medinat Yisrael.”

Photos by: Eliyahu Yanai :