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OU Israel Parenting Center

The OU Israel parenting center, created in partnership with the Jerusalem Municipality, helps Anglo Olim parents deal with the challenges they face as they raise their children in Israel. The parenting center consists of parenting lectures, panels, workshops, and articles. Topics covered at the parenting center inlclude: understanding Israeli teen culture, internet usage, dealing with summer vacation, understanding the school system, creating a positive happy home, and much more. 

Parenting Articles

Sabra or Sensitive: Boon or Blessing – Helping your child adjust to Israeli culture by Sima Gordon

Weathering the Storm – Dealing with Teenagers by Michal Silverstein, MSC

Helping your Child Deal with Summer Boredom by Rabbi Dr. Ethan Eisen



This Week’s Torah Tidbits Parenting Article


Archived Videos
Chinuch: Sowing Seeds and Building Bridges Rebbetzin Shira Smiles
Awareness: The Key to Successful Chinuch Dr. Miriam Adahan
Learning from my Grandfather Rabbi Aryeh Levin's Unique Approach to Chinuch Rabbi Benji Levene