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L’Ayla is dedicated to providing educational and social opportunities for Jewish women. A variety of shiurim and other programs for women only, aim to nurture them and give them the intellectual background as well as emotional and spiritual skills they can use to enhance their own lives and the lives of those around them.

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Classes range from lectures on the basis for customs connected to Jewish holidays, acquiring a deeper understanding of rabbinic texts, the weekly Torah portion, and much more. Lecturers are both women and men who are well respected in their respective fields.

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Brainstorming, networking

These classes strengthen women’s Torah learning while providing opportunities to brainstorm and network with other women. The result is a city-wide sisterhood where women share knowledge, ideas and experiences as well as expand their social and professional networks.

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The result

OU Israel and L’Ayla have created a meeting place for women that empowers them to speak with a stronger, more unified voice in shaping family, community and Jewish institutions. L’Ayla is an Aramaic word, said in the mourner’s kaddish, that means “to go up” or to reach higher. The name is appropriate because it is based on the conviction that every person strives to develop in a positive direction.



This program is assisted by grants from the Jewish Agency For Israel
Jewish Agency For Israel