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Shavuot @ the OU Israel Center
TUE, May 30 • Erev Yom Tov • Candle lighting – 7:04pm (J’lem)
7:15pm – MINCHA followed by Shiur by Rabbi Sprecher
Ruth’s Field of Dreams
8:15pm – Yom Tov Maariv
Festive (meat) meal – advanced reservations only
130/140₪ per person – Call Ita Rochel 560-9125 to reserve
11:00pm Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Poupko
Matan Torah in Major and Minor
12:00am Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Torah Min Hashayim, the 8th Ani Maamin. What exactly
do we believe when we believe in Torah min hashamayim?
1:00am Rabbi Neil Winkler
Shavuot – It’s all in the Timing
2:00am Rabbi Chanoch Yeres
Angels arguing with HaShem and man
3:00am Rabbi Sam Shor
how Sweet It Is, Cheesecake, Eretz Yisrael and Birkat HaTorah
Refreshments throughout the night
Walk to Kotel (4:00am) or mini-shiur followed by Vatikin Davening at the OU
Israel Center – Megilat Ruth (4:45am)
Remember: All are welcome to Davening & Shiurim
Advanced registration REQUIRED for Leil Shavuot dinner at 02:5609100
Shiur on Yom Tov day (Wednesday, 5:00pm)
by Rabbi Sprecher Mitzvot – Supremecy of Divine Reason