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Join the OU Israel community on Shavuot.
חג מתן תורה

7:06 PM: Candle lighting
7:20 PM: Mincha and short shiur
8:05 PM: Ma’ariv
8:30 PM: Holiday meat meal. NIS 120 per person.

Call 02-560-9125 to reserve.

All Shiurim are in English.

11:00 PM: Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Poupko
Must Arrogance Abound for Mashiach to Materialize?

Midnight: Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher
Gd v. the Sages. Who Won?

1:00 AM: Rabbi Binyamin Wolff
Topic to be Announced

2:00 AM: Rabbi Chanoch Yeres
Actions of the Fathers. Ramifications for the Children.

3:00 AM: Phil Chernofsky
Down Payment in Public. The Rest in Private.

4:00 AM: Walk to the Kotel (optional) OR Classic Tikun Leil Shavuot

5:00 AM: Vatikin Davening at Ohel Yitzchak and other synagogues

5:00 PM: Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher
Kabbala: Cast a Giant Shadow

6:00 PM: Mincha

חג שמח