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OU Israel, in conjunction with L’ayla, hosted the first annual Women’s mission to Israel during the week of Feb. 13-22, 2011. A group of women from across the United States joined the trip and the verdict was unanimous- it was an unforgettable experience for all the participants, including those women in Israel who joined the tour for individual days.
It is hard to pinpoint what was the main highlight of the mission. The tour to the North, including meeting the dynamic Rabbi Yitzchok Grossman of Migdal Ohr; the trip to Sderot and meeting the heroes of Gush Katif; meeting and hearing a shiur from Rabbanit yemima Mizrachi, the premier womens’ speaker in Israel today, the Shabbat experience in Jerusalem with Rabbi and Mrs. Zev Leff , a tour of the Old city with R. Simcha Hochbaum and a visit to Rebbetzin Silbermann in the Moslem quarter of the old city- all of these were so memorable along with countless other experiences. However, the highlight that was mentioned by so many of the participants was the feeling of camaraderie and friendship that permeated the group almost immediately. “It was like we became a family,” said Rivka Segal, the coordinator of the mission, “We wanted to have a different type of trip. Something you could not normally experience with family or friends. Being with new friends, along with travelling through our beautiful country and meeting people who are really making a difference is something indescribable and life changing.

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