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On Monday, June 8, a crowd of over 50 participants were enthralled by the head of the Strategic Planning Authority of the IDF, Col. Danny Tirza  We explored the security fence in three areas around Jerusalem and saw the crossover and checkpoints used to travel to and from the West Bank areas.  The charismatic and humorous Colonel told us of his negotiations with President Clinton, Arafat, and Ehud Barak, back in the late 90’s in Camp David.

An interesting point made by the Colonel was that only females are in charge of monitoring the cameras along the security fences/wall as they are better at concentrating during their long shifts.  There are a much larger proportion of fences to wall areas and he amused us with stories of difference in ides for decorating the walls or leaving them blank.  We had an insightful and unique briefing of the geopolitical VIP discussions which was enjoyed and appreciated by all of us.

Written by  Simcha (Cyril) Davidson


An impressive incredibly informative tour of Yerushalayim’s security fence . Colonel Danny Tirza, the tour guide planned and built the fence, so we had first hand information from start to finish.  He discussed

* the resistance of the government to building the fence and how he finally convinced them (after years of thousands of terror attacks)’
* the step by step process of how the fence was built -did you know that only 5% of the fence is concrete-unlike the media portrayal
* the minute by minute process of how the Palestinians pass through the terminal at Beth Lechem  and the lengths that Israel has taken to meet their needs
*  Colonel Tirza’s dealings with the International Court of Hague, the Israeli Supreme Court, the Vatican and more.
* the gate that cost 400,000 shekalim and is open only three times a year.
* the story of El Azariya.  This fence only works because of the coordination (not cooperation) with the Palestinian police, and due to the work of our soldiers and Colonel Danny Tirza.  Kol hakovod.
Written  by Batya Morris