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The Orthodox Union’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (OU-JLIC) was created to help Jewish students observe key aspects of Jewish life on college campuses. Currently, young couples serve as teachers and Torah role models on 23 university campuses in North America, learning with students one-on-one, coordinating weekly classes, event and community building. In September 2017, OU JLIC expanded to include its first Israeli community in Herzliya.

In the two years that the JLIC couple, Rabbi Josh and Margot Botwinick, began the entire dynamic of religious life in Herzliya has changed. They have Minyanim 3 times a day, an unbelievably vibrant Shabbat community with personal and Halachik guidance, Chavrutot, Shiurim and Chesed events. Thanks to JLIC, Jewish life for Olim and Anglos in Herzliya is flourishing and dozens of students are moving in.