9 February

“Fill the Void:” 8:00 p.m. Tuesday February 18

Written and directed by Rama Burshstein, Fill the Void focuses on life in haredi society in Tel Aviv -- with inspiration from Jane Austen. An 18-year old girl is pressured into marrying her brother-in-law when her sister (his wife) dies in childbirth. Hadas Yaron won the Best Actress award...
16 January

Supplemental Israel Tribute Journal Saluting the Life & Legacy of Anne Samson ע”ה

The OU is honored to invite you to the Ben Zakkai Honor Society’s NCSY National Scholarship Dinner Saluting the Life and Legacy of Anne Samson ע"ה Sunday February 9, 2014 (10 Adar A, 5774) at the Ramada Jerusalem Hotel Reception: 7:00pm Tefilat Arvit: 7:15pm Tribute Dinner: 7:30pm Dvar Torah by Ari Rosenstein Representing the Samson Family Keynote...
14 January

Better Late Than Never: A Letter to Ariel Sharon ז”ל

"I am finally reaching out and putting down on paper what should have been done a long time ago and probably to the PM himself when he was still well but perhaps this letter will have more meaning now than before." Read the entire letter.
14 January

The Wine You Can’t Buy

For the owners of the award-winning Psagot Winery north of Yerushalayim, terumot and masrot mean that more than 2,000 liters of this year’s production will not be for sale. In fact, this quantity will be thrown out. Terumot and masrot are tithes that apply to produce grown in biblical Eretz...
25 December

Oraita Teens Visit Retorno and Learn About Effecting Positive Change

Members of the Jack E. Gindi Oraita Club in Acco recently visited Retorno near Kibbutz Tzora, southwest of Jerusalem. Retorno is a substance abuse rehabilitation center. The teens who visited Retorno in early December are 17-18 years old and have a variety of problems, says Chaim Pelzner, Oraita Director. “Most...
18 December

L’Ayla Women “Getaway” from Snow in Yerushalayim

On Monday and Tuesday, December 16 and 17, when Yerushalayim was still shoveling out from under a record-breaking snowstorm, a group of L'Ayla women enjoyed themselves. They went on the Winter Getaway which was planned – and named – before anyone knew about the snow. Despite the snow, the...
16 December

Womens Wonderful Winter Getaway

Women's Winter Getaway Give your wife, mother, sister, friend -- or yourself -- a present that will leave her relaxed, rejuvenated and very thankful for the experience. Take a break from your everyday life and join us for a two day getaway in the North. Dynamic tour guide Esti Hershkowitz Visit sites including:...